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Compassionate Care for Elder Horses

Advances in medical technology are helping horses to live longer than ever, often well past the age of 30 years.

We consider horses at the age of 19–20 years old as "seniors" and tailor a wellness plan that is appropriate for your older horse.

There are four areas of care that we focus on as a horse ages:

  • Oral health—We recommend twice a year checkups for geriatric horses to closely monitor any chewing and digestive problems that can result due to teeth abnormalities.
  • Nutrition—Depending on your horse's ability to chew and digest, we will discuss appropriate feed that will satisfy your horse's hunger without posing any digestive problems.
  • Weight—Older horses often show signs of weight loss. This can be caused by a number of factors, including long or loose teeth, dietary intake, or systemic illness. If you notice your horse is losing weight, please contact us so that we can take a closer look at what may be causing this weight loss.
  • Systemic disease—Diseases of older horses, such as Equine Cushing's disease, need to be diagnosed and treated early to ensure more quality years for your horse.
  • In addition, senior horses often suffer from arthritis, cataracts, and pain from chronic injuries. If you notice any behavior, hair coat, weight, or appetite changes, please contact us. Our veterinarians will be able to determine if an appointment for your horse is necessary.