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Comprehensive Equine Diagnostics to Speed Treatment for Your Horse

Access to advanced imaging and diagnostic technology plays an important role in the care of your horse. At Progressive Equine, we bring the technology to you with our state-of-the-art digital radiography capability. Our veterinarians are skilled at capturing the necessary images and interpreting them so that the right treatment is recommended for your horse's particular medical needs.

In addition to digital radiography equipment, we also have digital ultrasound and endoscopy. Endoscopy may be used to diagnose exercise intolerance due to laryngeal disorders, soft palate or guttural pouch disorders, and bleeding disorders. We also are able to provide a full range of diagnostics for your horse, working in conjunction with trusted colleagues throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. We work closely with our local laboratories, as well as with colleagues who conduct gastroscopy, nuclear scans, and MRIs.


Acute and chronic eye problems need careful evaluation. Dr. Rydgig has taken advanced courses in ophthalmology and would be happy to provide more advanced diagnostics for your horse's eye conditions.

Treatment options can include western and eastern medicine.