I’m Skeptical; Acupuncture to treat a horse with hives?

Image 5It was the Fall of 1999 and I had just returned from my first session of acupuncture training through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) to learn how to treat animals with acupuncture.


I admit I was more than skeptical when I began this course but I was going to reserve judgement until I knew more. If I never tried using acupuncture on a horse how could I know if it was effective? Continue…

It’s time for our “Early Detection Wellness Panel”, with Fecal Egg Count!

IMG_0723Progressive Equine is now offering an “Early Detection Wellness Package” for horses! The package includes a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Serum Chemistry, Fibrinogen, Fecal Egg Count and Equine Infectious Anemia test (Coggins).

Take an active role in your horse’s health and be pro-active. With early detection we can catch health issues in the early stages.